Location: Askar

Description/Background: Sa'sa'eh, a shaheed, was one of Imam Ali's companions.  He was very loyal to Imam Ali and Ahl Albayt and was known for his power of speech and the power of his tongue.

Historical story of place: Sa'sa'eh was born near Qatif on 24 Before Hijreh.  His family was originally from the tribe of "Abd Al-Qais" of which his father was the chief.  He had 2 brothers :Abdulla and Zayd.  Sa'sa'eh lived a very long life and met many of Islam's most important figures such as the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh&hf), the 4 Caliphs and Mu'awiyyeh.  He had always been in contact with some people in the government who he considered tyrants because of their hate for Imam Ali.  His love for Imam Ali had made him a very strong person, for he fought in all of Imam Ali's battles. 

It was in the days of Mu'aweyeh that he was threatened to be exiled because of his clashes with the ruling Caliph and therefore, he was sent to Bahrain were he settled and later died.  He is currently buried in the village of Askar, south of Bahrain.  His death was on 60 Hijri at the age of 70.